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Doe on the Beach
Two Doe lounge at dusk on the dunes of the beach preservation, off-limit to human trespassers most of the summer.
The Birds
I live in an area blessed by many rare birds and the occasional bird related phenomenon, and here are some pictures.
A collection of my favorite photos from my trip to Egypt.
A gallery of my spooky, eerie, creepy, cathartic October time pictures.
fall, a feeling.
Who doesn't love autumn? I sure do. Here's a collection of my photos from the season that makes you happy.
Urban, edgy, stupid.
Hers my collection of kids being kids, of people being people, of culture being countered. Street photography?
Arizona, I remember you.
My collection of pictures from my handful of visits to Arizona, where my sister and Nephew live.

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My Name Is Peter Neverette, and what you see in this portfolio is a sampling of my photography. I tried to select the best, but the best is in the eyes of the beholder. I'm 32 years old, and  a house painter by day. By afternoons, nights, some early mornings and any time in between, I am a photographer. I don't choose to bring my Camera with me everywhere, I am neurotically compelled. If I think of leaving my camera behind, I am prevented by the whispering, persistent idea: What if?                                                                                                                      This portfolio is new to me, as I am only a burgeoning photographer, acutely aware that there is an overwhelming amount still to learn about my camera, the world, and myself. I want to stage more pictures, I feel a burning yearn to create beautiful, strange, interesting images, and to collaborate with others who feel similarly. And I will. One post-painting afternoon, or Saturday, at a time. In the meantime I hope you like what you see, I would love any feedback, and if you would like to Purchase anything I would be honored and flattered so please reach out!                                                                  

Thank you

Peter Yeghia Christian Neverette.


Photographs are priced by size, smaller pieces of course costing less, and larger pieces, more. If you have any questions about sizes and prices, as I'm still working that out exactly, please reach out! hopefully soon I will have examples of framed and hung photographs, with exact pricing.

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